FaiCam for Home

Empower your Home Security System with FaiCam AI Smart Camera Application. Keep track your on home even sitting at remote through FaiCam and ensure secure living of dearone’s

Benefits of FaiCam

Optimized for Building and Office Usecases

Faicam is friendly Artificial Intelligence based Camera, which is optimized to work on security system of any housing society

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Works on Any Camera

Faicam CCTV Camera Application can be combined and customized in any existing and new security camera system

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872+ Modules Integrated

The advance features of FaiCam Security Application can be customized 872+ different ways as per the need of customer

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India's First AI based Camera

Experience the India’s first Artificial Intelligence based Smart Security Application in affordable price

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Boost your home surveillance, customise your needs with FaiCam AI Security Camera and ensure secure living of your dear ones.

Boost your home surveillance
customise your needs with FaiCam
AI Security Camera and ensure secure
living of your dear ones.

FaiCam- Your Security our Priority

Application of Faicam in Home


Quick fire alert

FaiCam regulate the fire prone area of home and get quick notification in your device in case of fire accident


Track on Unwanted entry

It monitors the unauthorised break-in into your home area and quickly send alerts in your device for safety measures


Keep your Eyes on thieves

FaiCam tracks stealing activities around your home surroundings and quickly alerts if any thief tries to enter in home.


24x7 eyes on Locker

Oversee the lockers, shelves, luggage rooms etc through FaiCam CCTV camera and prevent the incidence of theft and robbery.


Stop Boundary Crossing

Ensure the safety of dear ones by restricting in the home parameter, get real time alerts through FaiCam if they cross the Boundary.


Safety with Smart Bell

FaiCam AI bell alerts when somebody knocks at your door in your absence and also arrange audio-video conferencing if required.

Works On Any Camera System !!

FaiCam easy algorithm fits it to be integrated with any existing CCTV camera application

Seemless Intergration & Customization

872+ Modules Integrated

FaiCam AI Security Camera can be customized in 872+ different ways according to the needs of the customer. It’s features make customer life better and covers all daily activities for secure and healthy living.

INDIA's First AI Based CCTV Camera System

268 Objects Trained
0.005 sec Response Time
Low Memory Usage Works on Anything
800+ Activities Detection

INDIA's First AI Based CCTV Camera System

Faicam is Software Based CCTV system which can be implemented on any pre installed CCTV system, it's Simple to integrate faicam