FaiCam for Industry

Today Industries keep eyes on the every operation of Business, Make your Industry Secure with FaiCam AI Smart Camera Application

Benefits of Industry

Optimized for Industries and Office Usecases

Faicam is friendly Artificial Intelligence based Camera, which is optimized to work on security system of any housing society

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Works on Any Camera

Faicam CCTV Camera Application can be combined and customized in any existing and new security camera system

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872+ Modules Integrated

The advance features of FaiCam Security Application can be customized 872+ different ways as per the need of customer

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India's First AI based Camera

Experience the India’s first Artificial Intelligence based Smart Security Application in affordable price

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Increase your Industry surveillance, customise your needs with FaiCam AI Security Camera and ensure secure operations in your Business.

Increase your Industry surveillance,
customise your needs with FaiCam AI
security camera and ensure
secure operations in your Business.

FaiCam- Your Security our Priority

Application of Faicam in Industry


Image detection attendance

FaiCam records the attendance of your staff through its image detection feature and get quick notification in your device in case of late coming


Finds unclean area

The customized feature of FaiCam detects the unclean area of workstation and quickly alerts to administration for taking action


Locate Industry Equipments

FaiCam keeps eyes on machine and equipments of your Industry and working area, it alerts if something wrong detects in camera.


Monitoring of Shift

Now no need to worry about the shift planning, track the availability of staff through FaiCam CCTV camera and reduce the burden of team.


No camera tempering

FaiCam ensure that no one should touch the camera without permission, get real time alerts if it detects such incidence


Superior to Smoke Detector

If it detects some incidence of fire in your industry area, FaiCam AI camera quickly alerts to admin for safety measures

Works On Any Camera System !!

FaiCam easy algorithm fits it to be integrated with any existing CCTV camera application.

Seemless Intergration & Customization

872+ Modules Integrated

FaiCam AI Security Camera can be customized in 872+ different ways according to the needs of the customer. It’s features make customer life better and covers all daily activities for secure and healthy living.

INDIA's First AI Based CCTV Camera System

268 Objects Trained
0.005 sec Response Time
Low Memory Usage Works on Anything
800+ Activities Detection

INDIA's First AI Based CCTV Camera System

Faicam is Software Based CCTV system which can be implemented on any pre installed CCTV system, it's Simple to integrate faicam